Tax Refund Ideas

Instead of wasting your hard earned tax refund on the latest iGadget or temporary satisfactions, you can spend the money on things that are more essential to you or your family. Things that drive happiness in the long run. Things that help foster a meaningful life. Or... read more

Small Business Owner Tax Survey

NFIB conducted a survey of small business owners on taxes and spending.  Their findings are interesting.  See this infographic that we prepared. 91% hire a professional tax preparer to do their taxes. 85% think Congress should revise the tax code. 81% prefer a... read more

April Fool’s Day: 3 Best Office Pranks

We’re very excited for another hilarious session of office pranks this April Fool’s Day. I don’t know about you, but everyone here in our office is ready. Just hoping they won’t overdo it and be stuck waiting for retaliation. If, like us,... read more

Improve Your Network Through Printed Products

It feels great knowing that you’ve contributed to someone else’s happiness and success. Your hard work in business, meticulous planning, sacrifices, and persistence. Growing by helping others is as rewarding as it gets. At Vectrum Graphics, we feel blissful every time... read more

3 Impressive St. Patrick’s Day Poster Ads

Today’s advertisements are the pinnacle of creativity and innovation. Competition is tight, and so every business owner wants to be noticed, infusing mind-altering concepts and out-of-the-box layouts. Timeless and impressive. From plain white to colorful... read more

5 Creative Business Cards

Who would have thought that business cards would evolve into something artistic, impressive, and so powerful? Back in the day, business cards only consisted of plain traditional paper – dead and boring – forgotten in the wallet. Now, they’ve become... read more

3 Timeless Books to Read if You’re An Entrepreneur

There is one common habit that most successful personalities possess. And that is learning through reading books. Of course, not just read, but to apply what is learned. Consume, learn and apply. That’s what the greats do throughout their lives. Are we reading... read more

Consistent Branding Matters

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, once said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Author Jarod Kintz amplified it by saying, “Your personal brand should be like water: not only clear but transparent to... read more

Printing Products to Boom your Business

New Year usually comes with resolutions, new goals, and for business owners, new business strategies. These strategies that are not just for enriching business, but may include balancing personal life with business life, too. The challenge here is not about resources,... read more

5 Exceptional Business Infographics You Need to See

As humans, we find images more compelling than text. No wonder infographics are a growing phenomenon used in marketing to catch our attention. Infographics (information + graphics), at their core, is storytelling, depicting emotions, stirring our imagination, or... read more

5 Amazing Valentine’s Day Print Ads

Over the years, we’ve noticed a lot of changes in how designers craft custom printed poster ads for Valentine’s Day. And since competition is high in any industry, marketers opt for uniqueness. Some of these creations provide unparalleled creative flairs,... read more

How to Choose the Right Business Card

Ever wonder why business cards are still usable despite the onset of social media, LinkedIn, etc.? Business cards serve a significant role; a purpose. Josh Spiro of Inc. wrote, “Since no single alternative has gained enough momentum to replace them (business... read more