For decades the most used resource to introduce a new client to a business has been the business card, and it doesn’t appear to be changing. There are over 10 billion business cards printed annually in the United States alone. Some anticipate the death of the business card because of technology, but it is still the easiest way to quickly share business and contact information, with that said, it is critical that your business card stands out from the crowd. Here are the three deadliest mistakes made by business owners and others when designing and printing their business card.

effective business cards

effective business cards

Mistake number one is poor design and print quality.

Several months ago we received a business card from a past supplier and the design quality was extremely lacking (and that’s being nice). The background had multiple colors and shapes, it was so distracting I could hardly read the information on the card. To complicate things, they added a personal photo to the business card. I had no idea where to look. The print quality was fair, but I wondered if it had been printed at home. Needless to say, we have not worked with that supplier since. You will leave your business card with clients and prospects and they will make one of their first decisions about your business based on the design and print quality of your business card. It better be a good first impression!

Mistake number two is poor paper quality.

Many of us have received a business card and thought it was so flimsy it might blow away in a light breeze. You may have also received a business card that has perforated edges, (as it appears to have been printed at home then ripped off a sheet of ten other business cards) right? Either way, the paper quality can leave the feeling that it is a cheap business card. Again, your business card is one of the first impressions you are making to a client or prospect – you do not want it to look and feel cheap! You want your business card to represent the quality work you do. Don’t make the mistake of using cheap paper.

Mistake number three is a blank backside.

Your business card is marketing your business, use it to its full potential. This is a mistake that we see all the time. Your business card is not only sharing your business contact information, it is marketing material and you give it out all the time (or at least you should). The back of your business card should contain an offer, give some information, or at least emphasize your brand. The additional cost of printing on the back of your business card is minimal, but the benefits can be exponential!

Remember, your business card represents you to your client. Once your meeting is over and it has been a few days since you met, your client will be sitting at their desk when they notice your business card – What are they thinking? You left your business card to represent you – How is it doing? Business cards are very inexpensive but can be a highly effective marking tool. Don’t cut corners, make it stand out!