Winter is one of the toughest seasons to promote your business, but also the most crucial. But how do you compete with all of the big box stores running sales on everything? Additionally, online shopping is so popular, how do you compete for attention?

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You can gain the upper hand by fueling your sales with creative advertising to get people interested in your product or service. How do you amp up your advertising this winter season? Here are four winter advertising tips to consider.

Think happy, think holiday

People don’t buy products. They buy emotions. Get your customers involved. Extend to your customers the spirit of gift-giving, fun, enjoyment and celebration. If you sell merchandise and consumer products, you may want to advertise them as awesome gifts that bring joy to your recipients.

If you sell services, like health and wellness, sell your customers on the concept of relaxation, comfort, or beauty. Encourage your customers to treat themselves to a trip to the spa, hair appointment, or other pampering.

If your services include upholstery and carpet cleaning, your creative winter ad can encourage a sense of security and cleanliness during holiday gatherings. Sell the good feeling that comes with getting carpet cleaned or upholstery fixed.

Promote fun winter activities

You can have a campaign focusing on the fun activities anyone can enjoy during winter. You can highlight your product to compliment this campaign. Perhaps you sell winter coats. Promote all of the fun that your customers could be having (sledding, hockey, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding) if they had your cozy, warm coat.

Suggest a winter getaway

Travelling to other places to get away from the freezing temperature is on the wish lists of many people during winter. Take this opportunity to endorse your products. Perhaps you sell chapstick. Chapstick is needed in winter and summer, but put a summer spin on it. Sell the emotion that your chapstick brings back the sensation of summer’s warm sun rays.

Advertise comfort

Winter’s cold weather makes people cringe and look for comfort. This comfort usually comes from comfort foods, thick clothes, cozy furniture and a fireplace. Display your product in an ad that features visual comforts.