Who would have thought that business cards would evolve into something artistic, impressive, and so powerful? Back in the day, business cards only consisted of plain traditional paper – dead and boring – forgotten in the wallet. Now, they’ve become inspiring and unique. Here are some of the most creative business cards we’ve found on the web.

1. Powell Peralta – Miniature Skateboard Card

Skateboard Business Card

(Source: www.thedesigninspiration.com)

A skateboard company, Powell Peralta definitely stepped out-of-the-box by turning their old-fashioned business cards into miniature skateboard cards. It is made of thin wood and, in real skateboard fashion, features grip tape on one side.

2. Lush – Seed Packet Business Card

Seed Packet Business Card

(Source: www.creativemanila.com)

It feels good every time we see or hear someone promoting Mother Nature. Lush, a Michigan-based lawn care business is clever. They even put snuck in a marketing pitch into the seed planting instructions, “For best results, spread seeds then add Lush.”

3. Bon Vivant – Tiny Cheese Grater Card

Cheese Grater Business Card

(Source: www.incrediblethings.com)

A business card that doubles as a mini cheese grater? Is that even possible? Of course, it is. Brazilian cheese shop, Bon Vivant razors beat the competition by handing over business cards that can be used for grating cheese. It was a superb idea actualized by JWT ad agency. It even comes with a protective covering.

4. MODHair – Musical Comb Business Card

Musical Comb Business Card

(Source: www.kitaro10.com)

What a surprise. As one of the coolest and most innovative business cards we’ve seen, MODHair, a Rome-based hair salon has stunned everyone, leaving a lasting impression with their musical comb business card.

5. Martyna Wędzicka – Doodle Art Business Card

Doodle Art Business Card

(Source: www.creativeblog.com)

Amazing how people come up with ideas that would make you think, “I should have thought that.” Polish designer Martyna Wędzicka’s transparent business cards are a great example. The transparent area is intended to be filled with brilliant doodle art. That means that every card she hands over is uniquely designed, always adding a personal touch. It’s her way of saying that every card receiver is special.

These business cards are no doubt impressive. You see, it’s not just the layout, color, or design, but also the concept, the feeling, and the personal touch. If you’re a professional looking to take your business to the next level with custom business cards, contact Vectrum Graphics today.