As humans, we find images more compelling than text. No wonder infographics are a growing phenomenon used in marketing to catch our attention.

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Infographics (information + graphics), at their core, is storytelling, depicting emotions, stirring our imagination, or relaying information. Have you considered using infographics to tell your brand’s story? Fusing storytelling and marketing into one image is not easy. Be inspired; get ideas from these five infographics:

1. Small Business Mistakes

In a study made by Small Business Trends, they revealed a compelling list of opportunities that most businesses miss on their website.

  • no value propositions
  • no call to action
  • no contact information, and more

If you have a website that serves a business purpose, this infographic is a must-see.

2. How to Grow your Business using Content Marketing

Content is king. Yes, it’s a common cliché. But do you know that content’s impact is more than you ever thought? This infographic crafted by Dendrite Park reveals the secret of growing a business through effective content marketing. Inspiring and thought-provoking.

3. How Wasteful is your Office?

No matter how productive your office may be, there’s always room for improvement, as illustrated in this infographic. Do you know that there are seven common “wastes” that eat up time in nearly every office? If growing your business is your goal, it’s important to understand how to prevent these wastes.

4. Social Media Advertising

It’s true that social media has become an indispensable marketing tool. Unfortunately, most of us miss the point. Social media is more effective with a surgical approach than a shotgun approach. We have to understand the power of social media marketing to know how to properly yield it. This infographic from Direct Online Marketing can help.

5. How to Design the Best Business Card

While there is no exact formula in crafting the most creative business cards, there are efficient ways we can make them engaging and shareable. This infographic reveals some secrets in producing effective business cards. Also included are some international etiquette practices in handing over these cards.