We’re very excited for another hilarious session of office pranks this April Fool’s Day. I don’t know about you, but everyone here in our office is ready. Just hoping they won’t overdo it and be stuck waiting for retaliation. If, like us, you’re serious about executing some pranks in your workplace, consider your office etiquette and get ready to make people laugh.

Ready to become your company’s most notorious office prankster? Below are some crazy ideas we’ve found on the web. Consider at your own risk.

1. Find the Toenail Cake

Surprise the coworkers with a cake. Make sure to bring it in a tin or cake holder that covers the writing that you’re hiding on the frosting. Make it obvious it is a cake, get everyone excited, then reveal your masterpiece. A cake that has written on it “Find The Toenail.” Hilarious and creepy. Ewwwwww.

Find the toenail cake

(Source: www.seenox.org)

Don’t forget to have your camera ready to catch your coworkers’ reactions.

2. Onions Disguised as Caramel Apples

This may need some delicate preparations, but still worth it. For those in the office with a sweet tooth, watch out, you could be the prey. Delight the office with caramel covered apples. Only, use onions instead of apples.

Onions Disguised as Caramel Apples

(Source: www.funnypracticaljokes.com)

3. Coffee Maker’s Voice Command

Has your company recently bought a new coffee maker? Great! Time to sneak in and trick coworkers into thinking that it is voice activated. Print a fancy looking logo on an official looking piece of paper. Even laminate it to go the extra mile. Include the text “Voice Activated” on it. Sit back and laugh as coworkers shout tirelessly to get some coffee.

Coffee Maker's Voice Command

(Source: www.seenox.org)

“The aim of a joke is not to degrade the human being, but to remind him that he is already degraded.” – George Orwell