You now have your new custom business cards made. You’re out hustling and networking, too. But does your business still needs a boost in its performance? Here are three relevant and useful ways that automated messaging can help you increase your productivity.

Automated Emails Help Close Deals

1. Use automated emails to thank new leads.

After one of your visitors provides you with their email address, send them a welcome greeting that thanks them for visiting your site. Communicating with leads is an intricate part of creating a relationship with them. A well made welcome statement will give your clients the impression that your business is managed in a professional manner.

2. Send valuable information to prospective customers.

The more people that you attract to your business, the better chances of closing deals. However, before leads are ready to close a deal with you, you need to nurture their need for your service or product. The act of nurturing is your best chance to inform leads why your product or service solves a problem of theirs. An easy way to do this is to send automated emails in a sequence that educates your leads.

3. Apply automated reaction rules.

The content of the last email will depend on what your lead responded to. While you want to nurture your lead, you may not always be available to provide expedited replies. By setting up automated reaction rules, you’ll further guide your lead down the sales funnel.