Customers are bombarded with advertisements everywhere they go. Especially in the digital age. There are endless ads on every website that we visit and every social media account that we use. There are so many ads that people are turning a blind eye, “banner blindness.”

Door hanger sample

So, how do you get your message through all the noise? Print advertising. Print advertising is now more effective than ever, ironically, because digital advertising is becoming too excessive. Among the best performing mediums for print advertising is a custom door hanger. Here are the advantages of a classic door hanger.

1. Right in front of the customer. With online advertising you have to set up an account, define your target keywords, define your budget, and so much more. Then, it only works once people logon to their computer and visits the specific sites that you advertise on. All of that doesn’t even ensure that you’ll get a click, let alone a sale. Door hangers are guaranteed to be seen by your customer because they are placed right on their door.

2. Repeat exposure. Once a door hanger is removed by a potential lead it goes inside their home. Once that door hanger is placed on their table or fridge it brings repeat exposure to reinforce your brand. Unlike digital advertising, each time that customer sees your door hanger again you still haven’t paid a penny more for that extra exposure. Interaction is facilitated, creating a stronger chance of action being taken by the lead.

3. Customization is easily done. The exact message that you want to be relayed on your door hanger can be customized. The layout, colors, and the size of the text can be created to your liking to represent your brand accordingly.

4. It is budget friendly. Door hangers have a minimal cost to design and, if you put in the time, can be distributed for free.

5. Focused target market. One of the things that door hanger marketing can easily achieve is reaching out to its intended market. Once you identify a neighborhood with the type of demographic or affluence that you want to target, you simply need to hang your door hanger and you’re done.

Door hangers are an easy and cost-friendly way to get in touch with your targeted market.