Instead of wasting your hard earned tax refund on the latest iGadget or temporary satisfactions, you can spend the money on things that are more essential to you or your family. Things that drive happiness in the long run. Things that help foster a meaningful life. Or things that help you grow personally. If none of those ideas immediately resonate with you, just save the money for the future. In the words of Natasha Munson, “Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.”

Tax refund ideas

Retail therapy is great and all but it becomes unreasonable if you keep buying objects that don’t add value to your life. Spend your tax refund, and money in general, wisely. This isn’t minimalism or stoicism. This is just being wise, being practical. Here are some of our favorite customer-submitted ways to spend your tax refund wisely.

1. Treat the family to a getaway, a vacation. While others spend their money on buying things or adding clutter, tell your family to ready themselves and pack their stuff for a vacation. Bring them to the beach, an exotic zoo, the countryside, or anywhere out of state. A long overdue vacation is often the best way to “hit reset” in life.

2. Reinforce a hobby. Perhaps, you or a family member loves playing music, or painting, or gardening, or sports, or creating any art. Invest in it. Take your hobby to the next level by buying that upgraded guitar or new computer. Maximize the joy that your hobby brings you.

3. Grow your business or career. Being a business owner entails solid money management. Don’t get caught up keeping up with the Joneses. Invest in your career. Spend your tax refund on buying the tools needed to accelerate your career.

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