July 5th is light-heartedly recognized as Workaholics Day. The timing of this day being right after a major holiday is likely not an accident. This day celebrates the lives of people that put in extra hours and days to provide for themselves and their family. However, sometimes working can become too obsessive and Workaholics Day acknowledges that.

work-a-holics day

Whether you take Workaholics Day seriously or as a joke, it provides a great opportunity to reflect on life and to work in some downtime into your schedule. Here are a few of our favorite customer-submitted tips on how to maximize relaxation on Workaholics Day.

  1. Go walking. Some brisk walking will help a workaholic alleviate stress from the body and mind. Best of all, even the shortest of walk can be beneficial so even the busiest workaholic can find time to walk.
  2. Breathe deeply. When stress levels are high there is less oxygen inside the body. Breathing deeply can help increase oxygen and reduce stress.
  3. Relax through music. Music can have an immediate effect on your mind and body. It induces more focus when there’s work at hand, or helps you relax when downtime is underway.
  4. Move it! Exercise has always been one of the best ways to deal with stress. When blood starts to flow and your heart starts pumping fast, endorphins are produced which give you that happy feeling.
  5. Meditate. Stress not only concerns the body. A good percentage also affects the mind. When the mind gets overloaded with information, stress goes up. This is where meditation comes in. By taking a few minutes to clear your mind you can clear yourself of stress, too.
  6. Go out with your friends. Self-explanatory. Friends will always be a reliable stress-reliever.