Some of the best and most successful businesses were born out of absurd ideas. For some reason, the owners of these ideas turned the tables around on those who laughed at their thoughts, and they laughed their way to the bank.

Wackiest Business Ideas

1. The Pet Loo. It is a mechanism for dogs to relieve themselves which has artificial grass at the top of a container. The Pet Loo is designed to go inside the home. It simulates the backyard where dogs usually do their thing. The Pet Loo is an Australian product, but its success has lead to a lot of other people selling similar products in the US.

2. The bed bug barrier. This product is designed to keep critters from creeping up the bed. It works by placing barriers under each leg of the bed, thus preventing critters from being able to crawl up the bed.

3. Chickens for rent. The first question is why would anyone rent out a chicken? The answer is simple – people need to know if they are willing to raise chickens or not and the best way to do it is to experience it themselves by renting chickens. So, for a fee, people can determine if they have a thing for raising chickens or not.

4. Hangover Busters. After a night of partying, all you want is food and a clean home. That’s exactly what Hangover Busters can help with. Employees of Hangover Busters will show up at your place in the morning armed with a burrito and an energy drink to start your day off right. Then they proceed to do the dishes or clean the area where the drinking spree happened. Even Forbes Magazine has featured this creative business.

5. The Smashing Place. Had a rough day? Need to relieve some stress? Head to The Smashing Place, where this Japan-based business sells plates and mugs to their customers so you can throw and break them to release built up tensions.

Sometimes, you don’t need capital to start a fun, successful business. You just need creativity.