Sometimes it is just enough to earn a living through your job. With all the financial demands that seem to increase each year, it would be nice to find additional income, no? Even in unorthodox manners. Here are a few of these unconventional ways to earn money.

Unconventional ways to earn money


If you have some unused gift cards in your possession you can exchange them for cash at CardCash. The only thing you need to declare is the type of card you have and the amount available on that card.


If you have an office space but do not use it all of the time, why not rent it out when unused? List your office as a shared space in their co-working directory. While Desktime is specifically in Chicago, there may be similar services in other cities and states.

Friend Service

Become a friend to someone who is in need of a lunch partner or just needs an ear to talk to. With a friend service you can even be a friend to someone who needs a date to a wedding so they don’t look single. You can accompany that person anywhere like the opera or their homecoming or just by simply hanging out with them.


If you have an extra room in your place and would like to convert that unused space into a money making business, AirBNB is for you. Put your room as an AirBNB listing so that people who are traveling or just need a nice room for cheap for the night can give you some cash.


Be a tour guide to your city through Vayable. You can simply focus on certain aspects of your city like its food scene, entertainment scene, art programs and historical events. Make it fun for tourists and profitable for you.

These may be unconventional ways to pad your wallet, but sometimes business owners need a little extra cash to make ends meet. Catching a few extra buck here and there can even help you fund some savings into your bank account for a rainy day.